About Neliza Drew

Neliza Drew used to write ad copy before turning to crime (fiction). She spent more than seven years in juvenile detention (as a math teacher). Neliza thinks a lot about the people who live in the margins and much of her writing is inspired in part by her former students. Her short stories have appeared in the anthologies Protectors 2: Heroes and Feeding Kate.

When not writing, she regularly teaches kids how to punch each other (as a karate instructor). Neliza lives in South Florida with her husband and too many cats. She eats a lot of tofu but makes up for it with the booze and swearing.

A big fan of adventure, road trips, books, vegan cooking, stationery supplies, and art, Neliza loves camping, backroads, figuring out new things to cook at rest stops, and a good roadside motel.

She can be found online at nelizadrew.com and on Twitter and Instagram as @nelizadrew.

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If I review a book, it got into my hands one of the following ways: I bought it; traded for it via a swap site; I found it in my classroom; it was a gift; it was an ARC through NetGalley; it was an ARC/freebie from a convention; it otherwise found me (on at least one occasion, a book found its way onto my plate at breakfast). That said, my filter rarely works so if I say I liked it, I did, and if I say I didn’t, I didn’t. I will always look a gift horse in the mouth.
This blog generates no revenue for me. (It doubtfully generates any for WordPress either.)
If you wish to know why I’m disclaiming this, ask the FTC.

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