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It’s been a pretty good week. Last week wasn’t bad either.

Yet, I feel on edge underneath the bouncy. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’m waiting for the bad thing because I don’t think I deserve, don’t really expect good.

Well, now that’s just messed up.

We have a cat who lives like that. He was abandoned by someone as soon as he outgrew his kitten face. He lived on the streets until he found us and he’s always on edge. Even when he’s sleeping, sprawled and happy, he jumps up at the first sound of suspicion. He sits around on couches and beds, feet tucked under him, wary and watching. He’s sure as soon as he gets comfortable, something will happen and he’ll have to run.

Me? I don’t know what my issue is. I mean, I distrust most people. I distrust all companies. Big and small. April first? I believe even less than usual. And that’s saying something since I typically expect everything to fall through until I’ve had mounds of evidence to the contrary.

People don’t typically give me a lot of reason to trust them. Sometimes that’s intentional.. Sometimes it’s out of their hands. Same results. Things fall apart. Things fall through. Things get messed up.

How do you handle trusting others? How do you know when you can?