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Yeah, I know it’s customary to do a navel-gazing end-of-year wrap up. I know it’s tradition to put one’s goals and plans and resolutions out into the universe. In lieu of that, it’s become common to doll out advice to others, be it funny or serious.

2012 and 202012-10-04_18-33-20_84411 were the kind of years I’d rather not reminisce about too much. Aside from going to Bouchercon and meeting some fabulous people in person and taking a few small trips with the husband, it’s been a lot of meh if not downright blagh.

contortion sistersMy sister and I got close again — probably closer than we’ve ever been since we were just far apart enough growing up to be leery of and annoyed by each other. That’s a good thing.

I helped put together Feeding Kate, which raised a bunch of money that Sabrina can choose to put toward surgery or the Lupus foundation, depending on what happens. I’m proud of helping put that together even if my story’s the weakest of the bunch.

anniversaryHubby and I had a fantastic anniversary. Sixteen years. That’s a thing, right there, right?

I don’t really do “resolutions.” It’s not that I’m a cynic. It’s that I know when I put things out there in the universe, they develop a sense of completed-ness that makes me never actually do them. Lists help me more. So, I’ve ordered a planner and to-do lists and a book about “Getting Things Done” that Steve Weddle swears by. Hopefully, all that will conspire to make me a better me in 2013.

I also ended up buying myself a Chromebook because after looking at every laptop, netbook, ultrabook, tablet, and portable computing doo-hickey on the market, I came to the conclusion that, for the money, it was the best fit. I need a portable typewriter. I already have a laptop with Photoshop and Dreamweaver and MS Office and iTunes and statistical packages from grad school and a million other software packages. I already have a phone that does internet and social media. Granted, the Chromebook is limited when not connected to the web, but as an offline typewriter? So far, so good. Will it replace my laptop? No way. Do I want to drag around a 12-pound laptop with a busted battery and a coolpad? Hell no. do I want to spend $1000 or more to replace said laptop, have to reload everything and learn a new operating system right now? No. No, I don’t. I wanted something that allows me to write more and cuts out a lot of the “typing up poorly-scribbled notes.”

So, I guess there’s one resolution, if you will. To write more. Since I started this back in November, it doesn’t feel “shiny and NEW,” but you get what you pay for and this blog’s free.

Hope you had a great new year’s eve and have a fantastic 2013, everyone.