We kind of got a camera for Christmas. I say kind of because it wasn’t so much intended as a present as a payment for website work, but it showed up shortly before Christmas, so we’ve been shooting everything. By everything, I mean everything.

My mother was in town for a week. She talks pretty-much nonstop. She’s even been known to fall asleep talking (and standing). Needless to say, I got no writing or thinking done. In fact, I may have lost a few of the thoughts I had before. She’s made it safely home by now, despite her fears of ice on the runway of Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport at Dania.

I baked a ridiculous sum of cookies (4 batches of sugar and 3 batches of gingerbread).

Hubby’s been home and yesterday was our anniversary (14 years — and no, the alarm code is not our anniversary, nor is my PIN for anything, sorry). I now have some brand new hiking and paddling guides for exploring Florida this winter. I also discovered a restaurant where the food is made with an extra helping of OMGDELICIOUS. (As a bonus, I asked the waiter what he recommended since I’m a vegetarian and there were several dishes without meat, but I couldn’t decide…His response was not only a “this is yum” sort, but additionally, “we can mix up anything else you’d like. Just let us know.” He then commenced to rattle off a bunch of ideas.)

We’ve also been playing in the yard.