It’s been a while since I posted anything. Last weekend Hubby decided he needed a break and that break should include running away to the Keys.

We both find Key West relaxing because:

A) you can’t walk or ride a bike to everywhere you need to be (on the island) .

B) there’s nothing we need to see or do (because we’ve been there so many times & because the B&B staff don’t require you to do dishes or laundry).

C) we don’t live there and therefore don’t have to figure out how to pay a gigantic mortgage on a bartending “salary.”

It’s also great because it’s very much an anything-goes kind of town.

The Heron House has wi-fi, but I’m not on a deadline or anything & I could look up vegetarian restaurants  on my phone. (The Cafe was terrific.) We did some walking, some eating, some drinking, and some swimming.

I did do some writing (on actual paper) and read some of a book (printed on actual paper), but we mostly relaxed and that seemed to be good for him.

Apparently, the tripped recharged my muse because I’ve written a lot more in the past week than I had the month before. I may just reach my goal of finishing this book this year after all. (I may also hit that reading goal of 50 books, too.)