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Wouldn’t it be great if we could mix the old with the new?

By that I mean, we could still send tweets to anyone, anywhere, at anytime of day or night.  That we could email, IM, etc. our whole “social network” no matter where our network roamed.

But we would also choose to spend that $200 we had earmarked for shoes on locally-made, quality heel-covers instead of giving the same amount to a giant corporation that would spend a dollar (maybe) on the manufacture of a piece of crap produced by a sweatshop kid and the rest on marketing?

Wouldn’t it be great if we read more, hugged more, drank and ate at a big table full of loved ones more? (And at a place serving fresh, sustainable eats that were delicious and in season and local instead of plunking down a credit card to absorb high-fructose corn syrup and lard and imported, cheaply-produced who-knows-what at ApplebeesChilisOutbackOliveGardenEtc.)  Even if we choose to check our emails on our phone when we head to the restroom?

Wouldn’t it be great if we knew our neighbors as well as we think we know our Facebook “friends”?

Wouldn’t it be just awesome if stuff could be repaired, if we owned stuff that would last, if we were capable of preferring things that would last instead of hopping on that next commercial/gadget train to buy more/better/slightly different/favorite color trinkets and status symbols?

Wouldn’t it be interesting if we affiliated ourselves with and identified ourselves with people from the same town, with the same interests, with the same nationality… again instead of just people with the same consumer preferences?  (Come on, you know you’ve met the “Starbucks” devotee and the guy who stood in line for seven hours for a phone yesterday.)

Obviously, a parasite is eating my brain.  I’m never this optimistic or have this much faith in humanity.