I applied to FAU as a non-degree-seeking student for summer because I wanted to take a math or science class.  This shouldn’t be that weird since I currently teach math and it’s only a matter of time before I’m told I need to be certified in science, too, to keep my job (as it is, I still need to pay the state the $75 to get the social sciences certification added to the other two).  Besides, math and science are fun.

Except, FAU moved all the “fun” math and science classes to the morning or early afternoon, which only works if I don’t work all summer and I do (work all summer).  The same problem crops up with all of BC‘s campuses.

FIU offers one of the math classes online, but they don’t seem to do non-degree-seeking.  So, okay, I can pretend I want a second bachelor’s in mathematics.  Heck, who knows how long before the school board expects me to have one anyway?  Except, even though, I applied as a second bachelor’s-seeking student (which implies one has received a first undergraduate degree from somewhere), they want copies of my SAT or ACT scores.  Now, the fact that they want to see my high school transcript is funny enough.  I mean, I have to send them the college transcripts that say one college awarded me a B.S. and another an M.S. so it seems likely that I finished high school okay.  But the SAT/ACT scores?  I took the SAT in 1993.  Why would anyone anywhere still have a record of my SAT scores from 1993?  I have students who aren’t as old as those scores!