Blog Book Tours ( Good advice for authors on negotiating the online world of blogging and social networking.

Crimespace ( Attractive, user-friendly site with nearly 2,000 mystery authors, fans and book dealers.

Dorothy L ( Founded in 1991 by research librarians for lovers of the mystery genre. Overwhelming number of posts per day; no BSP (blatant self-promotion) allowed.

Facebook ( Becoming increasingly popular with authors and artists; the social network of choice, replacing MySpace in popularity.

GoodReads ( User-friendly site for people to share about what they’re reading. Contains options for setting up book groups.

Murder Must Advertise ( Excellent site for networking about promoting your work.

Mystery Lovers Corner ( Created by Dawn Dowdle; charges a modest one-time fee to get your books and bio listed.

Sisters in Crime ( Has several specific blogs and lists, including Agent Quest and Guppies.

WordPress ( User-friendly site for setting up your own free blog.

Sites recommmended by Crimespace members:
• Authors Cyber Village
• Book Masons
• Crime Spot (for online critiques)

Compiled by Julie Lomoe,
February 21, 2009